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Počalji od Mr.Manga taj Ned Jul 10, 2011 7:36 pm

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Martel (also spelled Marta in the 2003 anime English dub) was a human chimera combined with snake. She was one of Greed's henchmen. She had the ability to stretch and twist her limbs.
n the manga, Martel is first encountered in Dublith. She aids significantly in the capture of Alphonse Elric by getting inside his armor and stretching her limbs to impede his movements. In the raid on Devil's Nest she stays in Al's armor and survives the massacre. However when Greed, Martel, Roa, Dolcetto and Al try to escape through the sewer system, Führer King Bradley arrives to impede their efforts. Roa and Dolcetto are killed almost immediately and Greed is defeated by Bradley. When Martel tries to kill the Führer for the murder of her friends, Bradley stabs her through Al's armor, killing her. Martel's blood upon her death affected Al's blood seal allowing Alphonse to recover his memories of The Gate, and eventually it would allow him to be able to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.

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Re: Martel

Počalji od Winry Elric taj Čet Dec 29, 2011 11:15 am

Od svih chimera,ona mi je nekako najbolja(ipak je od njih bila najbliskija Edu i ALu) ^^
*Gledala sam samo 2003 anime ne znam sta je sa njom u Brotherhoodu*
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