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Heymans Breda

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Heymans Breda

Počalji od PredatoR taj Ned Jul 10, 2011 9:41 pm

Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda is an Amestrian soldier initially stationed at the East Area Headquarters in East City and one of Colonel Roy Mustang's most trusted subordinates, handpicked by the Flame Alchemist for his outstanding abilities and qualities. Though it is belied by his laid-back demeanor and his meatheaded appearance, 2nd Lt. Breda possesses a remarkably keen intellect and strategic aptitude, having graduated at the top of his class from military academy. Though those of his comrades who don't know him well take him for an imbecile at first sight, he quickly proves his intelligence through his proficiency with strategy games such as chess and shogi. Breda proves himself a well-rounded soldier, adequately acquainted with the delicate intricacies of both combative and political situations. This is not to say that Heymans isn't without his more human side. He takes a liking to Edward Elric, often calling him by nicknames such as "chief" or "big guy", has an irrational fear of all dogs and appears to be rather close to 2nd Lt. Jean Havoc, who (according to photographs) was a classmate and friend of his in military school. Described by Colonel Mustang as a "good team player", Breda's duties within Mustang's unit often involve helping the Flame Alchemist gather information and coordinate the movements and abilities of other members. Of Mustang's subordinates, to whom he once referred as chess pieces, Heymans Breda is the rook.

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